About Lisa

   My love of photography began at around age 11 after I watched a movie about a woman who was travelling through Africa with her camera and documenting everything she saw. I knew from that moment that I wanted a camera and to travel alot.....and so I did !!

    After graduating from The Art Institute of Philadelpia in 1986 with a degree in Photography I worked assisting several commercial and fashion photographers. I also worked for a few smaller newspapers in New Jersey and Colorado, and did several editorial and commercial jobs in Vermont and New York. In 1993, I became a mother and started focusing on doing baby and family portraits and this eventually led to photographing weddings.

 I have photographed hundreds of amazing weddings and family portraits  in Colorado, Vermont and on the beaches of Maui. I am excited to work with you to create some fun, energentic and loving photographs that you can cherish and enjoy of your special day, your vacation or event.

I am a fun loving ,easy going woman who is easy to work with and open to any and all ideas, locations, and opportunities !

Looking forward to meeting you 






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